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The House on Margarita Street

Saturday, February 11, 2023
6:30-9 p.m.

Private Residence
Lake Shore Drive, Chicago
(those who register will receive details)

Art by Dmitry Samarov

For the third straight year, but the first in person, the Chicago Literary Hall of Fame hosted an evening that was part cocktail party, part bartending seminar, and part plain old excuse to enjoy pleasant company. Throughout the festivities, we highlighted Chicago literature and its strong association with the drinks we made and consumed. We focused on margaritas this time around.

The $100 registration fee included appetizers and drinks--there were three unique cocktails created--as well as a small pdf cocktail recipe book featuring a smattering of drinks with Chicago literary associations.

Hosts Mike Burke and Robert Charles guided us through the evening; Rita Dragonette hosted.

Mike is a Chicago author (What You Don’t Know About Men) and Robert a Chicago magician (Magic Chicago), and between the two of them they have a magical way with words. If you think you’re in good hands, it might be an illusion. Robert for 12 years produced and starred in “Magic Chicago: The Windy City’s Premiere Showcase for Magic, Mystery and Wonder.” Robert also is a tarot reader. Michael and Robert live on the city’s North Side, in the Edgewater neighborhood. 

Rita is an author and literary salon host. After a career telling the stories of others as an award-winning public relations executive, she returned to her original creative path. The Fourteenth of September, her debut novel, is based upon her personal experiences on campus during the Vietnam War. She lives and writes in the Chicago home she will open up to all of us for this special evening.

Ryan Prindle was our bartender and Professor of Cocktails. He started his professional bartending career at the bottom working for a chain restaurant and learning the basics. After developing his knowledge and technique he has worked and done menu development for Iron Chef Stefanie Izard, Band of Bohemia (1 Michelin star), Billy Sunday (Top 10 acclaimed Amaro bars in the US) and Mordecai (2018 ChicagoEater bar of the year). He says, “It’s easy to make a cocktail but, a perfectly balanced cocktail takes practice and repetition.”

Registration closed at a sold-out plus crowd of nearly 40.

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Want to have a great literary cocktail party? Get a bunch of kind, interesting, book-loving people and turn them loose. (Photo by Don Seeley).
Ryan Prindle serves his first (of three) masterpieces. (Photo by Don Seeley).
New friends Kathy Wolter Mondelli and Salli Berg Seeley share a hug. (Photo by Don Seeley).
Impressario Mike Burke toasts the party. (Photo by Don Seeley).
Fabulous food provided by Bacino's. (Photo by Don Seeley).
Nick Frankel and host Rita Dragonette swap stories. (Photo by Don Seeley).
Michelle Moore enjoys the joke. (Photo by Don Seeley).
Mixologist Ryan and wife Liz make a great team. (Photo by Don Seeley).
Rita couldn't find a lampshade that fit. (Photo by Don Seeley).
Every ingredient has to be measured just so. (Photo by Don Seeley).
Chicago Literary Hall of Fame board member Jarrett Neal was among the 40 guests. (Photo by Don Seeley).
The Service Club Sisters liven up the party. (Photo by Don Seeley).
Mike makes a point. (Photo by Don Seeley).
Drinks can be as pretty as they are delicious. (Photo by Don Seeley).
Robert Charles waves a magic hand. (Photo by Don Seeley).
CLHOF Founding Executive Director puts in a his usual hard night's work. (Photo by Don Seeley).

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