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Edna Ferber

August 15, 1885 – April 16, 1968

Inducted in 2013


Dawn O'Hara (1911)

Buttered Side Down (1912)

Roast Beef, Medium (1913)

Personality Plus (1914)

Emma Mc Chesney and Co. (1915)

Our Mrs. McChesney (1915) (play, with George V. Hobart)

Fanny Herself (1917)

Cheerful–By Request (1918)

Half Portions (1919)

$1200 a Year: A Comedy in Three Acts (1920) (play, with Newman Levy)

The Girls (Edna Ferber novel) (1921)

Gigolo (1922)

So Big (1924)

Minick: A Play (1924) (play, with G. S. Kaufman)

Show Boat (1926)

Stage Door (1926) (play, with G.S. Kaufman)

Mother Knows Best (1927)

Old Charleston (1927)

The Royal Family (1927) (play, with G. S. Kaufman)

Cimarron (1929)

American Beauty (1931)

Dinner at Eight (1932) (play, with G. S. Kaufman)

They Brought Their Women (1933)

Come and Get It (1935)

Trees Die at the Top (1937)

Nobody's in Town (1938)

A Peculiar Treasure (1939)

The Land Is Bright (1941) (play, with G. S. Kaufman)

Saratoga Trunk (1941)

No Room at the Inn (1941)

Great Son (1945)

Saratoga Trunk (1945) (film, with Casey Robinson)

One Basket (1947)

Bravo (1949) (play, with G. S. Kaufman)

Giant (1952)

Ice Palace (1958)

A Kind of Magic (1963)

Musicals adapted from Ferber novels

Show Boat (1927)

Saratoga (1959)

Giant (2009)

Life can’t defeat a writer who is in love with writing, for life itself is a writer’s lover until death.

A Chicago resident during her early years, Ferber would use her novels and plays to champion the cause of equality, not just for women but all people. She won a Pulitzer Prize in 1925 for So Big, the story of a woman raising a child on a truck farm outside Chicago. She is better known for her works, such as Giant and Show Boat, that were turned into blockbuster Hollywood films. Her 1932 play, Dinner at Eight, which she co-authored with George Kaufman, continues to be staged today.

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