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Fuller Awards

Harry Mark Petrakis

Awarded October 4, 2014


Lion at My Heart, 1959
The Odyssey of Kostas Volakis, 1963
A Dream of Kings, 1966
In the Land of Morning, 1973
The Hour of the Bell, 1976
Nick the Greek, 1979
Days of Vengeance, 1983
Ghost of the Sun, 1990
Twilight of the Ice, 2003
The Orchards of Ithaca, 2004
The Shepherds of Shadows, 2008
Short story collections
Pericles on 31st Street, 1965
A Petrakis Reader, 1978
The Waves of Night, and Other Stories, 1969
Collected Stories, 1987
Legends of Glory and Other Stories, 2007
Cavafy’s Stone and Other Village Tales, 2010
The Founder’s Touch, 1965
Stelmark: A Family Recollection, 1970
Reflections: A Writer’s Life, A Writer’s Work, 1983
Henry Crown: The Life and Times of the Colonel, 1998,   
     Co-authored with David B. Weber
Tales of the Heart, 1999
Reach Out: The Story of Motorola and Its People, 2003
Journal of a Novel, 2012
Song of My Life, 2014

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