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Classic Chicago Magazine coverage including
an interview with daughter Linda Robinet

Harriette Gillem Robinet

Awarded March 14, 2023


Jay and the Marigold, illustrated by Trudy Scott (1976)

Ride the Red Cycle, illustrated by David Brown (1980)

Children of the Fire (1991)

Mississippi Chariot (1994)

If You Please (1995)

Washington City Is Burning (1996)

The Twins, The Pirates, and the Battle of New Orleans (1997)

Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule (1998)

Walking to the Bus-Rider Blues (2000)

Missing from Haymarket Square (2001)

Twelve Travelers, Twenty Horses (2003)

Harriette and her husban Mac settle into their seats at Dominican University's Blake Recital Center just before the crowd arrives. (Photo by Don Seeley).
CLHOF Intern and DePaul Senior Anna Hyslop rehearses with Beye Elementary School fifth graders Madyson Strong and Amira Hogan, as artist Timothy Rey looks on. (Photo by Don Seeley).
Dominican University Professor and writer Jane Hseu welcomes the audience. (Photo by Don Seeley).
Playwright and activist Tsehaye Geralyn Hébert delivers her remarks. (Photo by Don Seeley).
Oak Park and River Forest Museum's Executive Director, Frank Lipo, talks about Robinet's profound influence in the area. (Photo by Don Seeley).
Oak Park Regional Housing Center's Executive Director, Athena Williams, gives context to the Robinets' historic involvement in the movement to integrate their village. (Photo by Don Seeley).
Author Nora Brooks Blakely gestures to the crowd during her speech about the importance of Robinet's historical novels. (Photo by Don Seeley).
Beye Elementary fifth graders Madyson Strong and Amira Hogan read Hyslop's adaptation of the novel Children of the Fire. (Photo by Don Seeley).
Poet and performer Timothy David Rey delivers a staged reading from Anna Hyslop's adaptation of Missing from Haymarket Square. (Photo by Don Seeley).
Aclaimed historian and author Glennette Tilley Turner reads her remarks. (Photo by Don Seeley).
Linda Robinet, youngest child of Harriette and Mac, accepts the statue on her mom's behalf. (Photo by Don Seeley).
Jane Hseu and friends enjoy the post-ceremony reception. (Photo by Don Seeley).

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