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Fuller Awards

Haki Madhubuti

Awarded November 18, 2015

Think Black, 1967
Black Pride, 1968
Don't Cry, Scream! 1969
We Walk the Way of the New World, 1970
Directionscore: New and Selected Poems, 1971
Dynamite Voices I: Black Poets of the 1960s, Ed., 1971
To Gwen, With Love, Co-Ed., 1971
Kwanzaa, 1972
From Plan to Planet: Life Studies, 1973 
Capsule Course in Black Poetry Writing, Co-Author, 1975
Enemies: The Clash of Races, 1978
Earthquakes and Sunrise Missions, 1983
Killing Memory, 1987
Seeking Ancestors, 1987
Black Men: Obsolete, Single, Dangerous? 1991
Say That the River Turns, Ed., 1991
Confusion by any Other Name, 1992
Why L.A. Happened, Ed., 1993
Afrikan-Centered Education, Co-Author, 1994
Claiming Earth: Race, Rage, Rape, Redemption, 1994
Million Man March / Day of Absence, Co-Ed., 1996
Heartlove: Wedding and Love Poems, 1998
Releasing the Spirit: Gallery 37, Co-Ed., 1998
Describe the Moment, Gallery 37, Co-Ed., 2000
Ground Work: New and Selected Poems from 1966–1996
Tough Notes, A Healing Call, 2002
Colored on Arrival: Don L. Lee to Haki Madhubuti, 2002
Run Toward Fear, New Poems and a Poet’s Handbook, 2004
YellowBlack: The First 21 Years of a Poet’s Life, 2005
Liberation Narratives: New and Collected Poems: 1966-2009
Honoring Genius: Gwendolyn Brooks, 2011
By Any Means Necessary, Malcolm X, Co-Ed, 2012
Taking Bullets, 2015

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