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Fuller Awards

Gene Wolfe

Awarded March 17, 2012


The Book of the New Sun
     The Shadow of the Torturer, 1980 
     The Claw of the Conciliator, 1981
     The Sword of the Lictor, 1982
     The Citadel of the Autarch, 1983
Free Live Free, 1984
The Urth of the New Sun, 1987
The Soldier series
     Soldier of the Mist, 1986
     Soldier of Arete, 1989
     Soldier of Sidon, 2006
There Are Doors, 1988
The Book of the Long Sun
     Nightside the Long Sun, 1993
     Lake of the Long Sun, 1994
     Caldé of the Long Sun, 1994
     Exodus From the Long Sun, 1996
The Book of the Short Sun
     On Blue's Waters, 1999
     In Green's Jungles, 2000
     Return to the Whorl, 2001
The Wizard Knight
      The Knight, 2004
      The Wizard, 2004
Pirate Freedom, 2007 
An Evil Guest, 2008
The Sorcerer's House, 2010
Home Fires, 2011
The Land Across, 2013
A Borrowed Man, 2015
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Story Collections

The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories, 1980 
Storeys from the Old Hotel, 1988 
Castle of Days, 1995
Strange Travelers, 2001
Endangered Species, 2004
Innocents Aboard, 2005
Starwater Strains, 2006
The Best of Gene Wolfe, 2010

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