Chicago Literature Index — Historical Fiction

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 1.  The Cliff-Dwellers
Henry Blake Fuller
Henry Blake Fuller link
1893 FNov
 2.  Sweet Clover
Clara Louise Burnham
Clara Louise Burnham link
1894 FNov
 3.  Rose of Dutcher’s Coolly
Hamlin Garland
Hamlin Garland link
1895 FNov
 4.  Luke Walton or The Chicago Newsboy
Horatio Alger 1900 Nov
 5.  Sister Carrie
Theodore Dreiser
Theodore Dreiser link
1900 FNov
 6.  The Pit
Frank Norris
Frank Norris link
1903 FNov
 7.  An Eye For An Eye
Clarence Darrow
Clarence Darrow link
1905 FNov
 8.  Memoirs of an American Citizen
Robert Herrick
Robert Herrick link
1905 FNov
 9.  The Jungle
Upton Sinclair
Upton Sinclair link
1906 FNov
 10.  The Mucker
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Edgar Rice Burroughs link
1914 FNovSFF
 11.  The Titan
Theodore Dreiser
Theodore Dreiser link
1914 FNov
 12.  The Song of the Lark
Willa Cather
Willa Cather link
1915 FNov
 13.  Return of the Mucker
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Edgar Rice Burroughs link
1916 FNov
 14.  Windy McPherson’s Son
Sherwood Anderson
Sherwood Anderson link
1916 FNov
 15.  Fanny Herself
Edna Ferber
Edna Ferber link
1917 FNov
 16.  The Homesteader
Oscar Micheaux
Oscar Micheaux link
1917 FNov
 17.  Moon-Calf
Floyd Dell
Floyd Dell link
1920 FNov
 18.  The Girls
Edna Ferber
Edna Ferber link
1921 FNov
 19.  The Voice of the Seven Sparrows
Harry Stephen Keeler
Harry Stephen Keeler link
1924 FNovMys
 20.  Years of Grace
Margaret Ayer Barnes
Margaret Ayer Barnes link
1930 FNovHF
 21.  Nineteen Nineteen
John Dos Passos
John Dos Passos link
1932 FNov
 22.  Young Lonigan
James T. Farrell
James T. Farrell link
1932 FNov
 23.  The Young Manhood of Studs Lonigan
James T. Farrell
James T. Farrell link
1934 FNov
 24.  Knock On Any Door
Willard Motley
Willard Motley link
1947 FNov
 25.  Prairie Avenue
Arthur Meeker, Jr.
Arthur Meeker link
1949 FNovHF
 26.  Trumbull Park
Frank London Brown
Frank London Brown link
1959 FNov
 27.  Dream of Kings

Dream of Kings, Harry Mark Petrakis, 1966

Harry Mark Petrakis
Harry Mark Petrakis link
1966 FNov
 28.  Hog Butcher
Ronald L. Fair
Ronald L. Fair link
1966 FNov
 29.  Nick the Greek
Harry Mark Petrakis
Harry Mark Petrakis link
1979 FNov
 30.  Windy City
Sam Ross
Sam Ross link
1979 FNovHF
 31.  She’s on First
Barbara Gregorich
Barbara Gregorich link
1987 FNovLS
 32.  Saigon, Illinois
Paul Hoover
Paul Hoover link
1988 FNovHF
 33.  Wolf Whistle
Lewis Nordon 1993 NovHF
 34.  It Had to Be You

(Chicago Stars #1)

Susan Elizabeth Phillips 1994 FNovRom
 35.  Deep End of the Ocean
Mitchard, Jacquelyn
Jacquelyn Mitchard link
1996 FNovRom
 36.  Peel My Love Like An Onion
Ana Castillo
Ana Castillo link
1999 FNov
 37.  Grave Peril
Jim Butcher 2001 FNovSFF
 38.  Shadow Ball: A Novel of Baseball and Chicago
Peter Rutkoff 2001 FNovLS
 39.  47th Street Black
Bayo Ojikutu
Bayo Ojikutu link
2003 FNov
 40.  Fort Dearborn: A Novel
Jerry Crimmins
Jerry Crimmins link
2006 FNovHF
 41.  Free Burning
Bayo Ojikutu
Bayo Ojikutu link
2006 FNov
 42.  Her Fearful Symmetry
Audrey Niffenegger
Audrey Niffenegger link
2009 FNov
 43.  Innocent
Scott Turow
Scott Turow link
2010 FNovLT
 44.  A Lot Like Love
Julie James
Julie James link
2011 FNovRom
 45.  The Litigators
John Grisham 2011 FNovLT
 46.  Office Girl
Joe Meno
Joe Meno link
2012 FNovRom
 47.  The Pursuit of Lucy Banning
Olivia Newport 2012 FNovHF
 48.  Dollface: A Novel of the Roaring Twenties
Renee Rosen 2013 Nov
 49.  Identical
Scott Turow
Scott Turow link
2013 FNov
 50.  Pointe
Brandy Colbert 2014 FNovYA
 51.  The Hundred-Year House
Rebecca Makkai
Rebecca Makkai link
2014 FNov
 52.  Midnight Without a Moon
Linda Williams Jackson 2017 FNovYAHF
 53.  Poison Girls
Cheryl Reed
Cheryl Reed link
2017 FNov
 54.  The Hunting Accident: A True Story of Crime and Poetry
David L. Carson and Landis Blair 2017 FNovYAHFGN
 55.  Broken Places

(Cass Raines #1)

Tracy Clark
Tracy Clark link
2018 FNovMysSMys
 56.  Ghost Boys
Jewell Parker Rhodes 2018 FNovYA
 57.  Love, Hate, and Other Filters
Samira Ahmed 2018 FNovYA
 58.  The Mortification of Fovea Munson
Mary Wynn Heider
Mary Winn Heider link
2018 FNovYA
 59.  The Verdun Affair
Nick Dybek
Nick Dybek link
2018 FNovRomHF
 60.  Borrowed Time

(Cass Raines #2)

Tracy Clark
Tracy Clark link
2019 FNovMysSMys
 61.  Everywhere You Don’t Belong
Gabriel Bump
Gabriel Bump link
2020 Nov
 62.  The Lost Book of Adana Moreau: A Novel
Michael Zapata
Michael Zapata link
2020 Nov
 63.  What You Don’t See

(Cass Raines #3)

Tracy Clark
Tracy Clark link
2020 FNovMysSMys
 64.  Arsenic and Adobo
Mia P. Manansala
Mia P. Manansala link
2021 FNovMys
 65.  Blow Your House Down: A Story of Family, Feminism, and Treason
Gina Frangello
Gina Frangello link
2021 NovMA
 66.  Clark and Division
Naomi Hirahara 2021 FNovMysHF
 67.  Coyote Loop
Charles Fiore
Charles Fiore link
2021 FNovHF
 68.  Refugee High: Coming of Age in America
Elly Fishman
Elly Fishman link
2021 Nov
 69.  Runner

(Cass Raines #4)

Tracy Clark
Tracy Clark link
2021 FNovMysSMys
 70.  The Kindest Lie
Nancy Johnson
Nancy Johnson link
2021 FNov
 71.  The Lost Girls
Jessica Chiarella
Jessica Chiarella link
2021 FNovMys
 72.  The Upstairs House
Julia Fine
Julia Fine link
2021 FNov
 73.  Marrying the Ketchups
Jennifer Close
Jennifer Close link
2022 FNov
 74.  Woman on Fire
Lisa Barr
Lisa Barr link
2022 FNovHF