Chicago Literature Index — Short Stories

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 1.  Buttered Side Down
Edna Ferber
Edna Ferber link
1912 FSS
 2.  Prevailing Winds
Margaret Ayer Barnes
Margaret Ayer Barnes link
1928 FSS
 3.  The Beach Umbrella
Cyrus Colter
Cyrus Colter link
1970 FSS
 4.  Blue in Chicago
Bette Howland
Bette Howland link
1978 FSS
 5.  Childhood and Other Neighborhoods
Stuart Dybek
Stuart Dybek link
1980 FSS
 6.  Frye Street & Environs
Marita Bonner
Marita Bonner link
1987 FSS
 7.  The Coast of Chicago
Stuart Dybek
Stuart Dybek link
1990 FSS
 8.  Chicago Stories
James T. Farrell
James T. Farrell link
1998 FSS
 9.  The Question of Bruno
Alexsandar Hemon
Aleksandar Hemon link
2000 FSS
 10.  Collected Stories
Saul Bellow
Saul Bellow link
2001 FSS
 11.  Esther Stories
Peter Orner
Peter Orner link
2001 FSS
 12.  Chicago Noir
Neal Pollack (Ed.) 2005 FSS
 13.  The Logic of a Rose: Chicago Stories
Billy Lombardo
Billy Lombardo link
2005 FSS
 14.  Ghosts of Chicago
John McNally
John McNally link
2008 FSS
 15.  Portraits of a Few of the People I’ve Made Cry
Christine Sneed
Christine Sneed link
2010 FSS
 16.  Slow Trains Overhead: Chicago Poems and Stories
Reginald Gibbons
Reginald Gibbons link
2010 FSSPt
 17.  The Roy Stories
Barry Gifford
Barry Gifford link
2013 FSS
 18.  On the Way
Cyn Vargas
Cyn Vargas link
2018 FSS