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Detecting Chicago: Exhibit Opening

Saturday, September 28 through Saturday, November 23
6-9 p.m.

Centuries & Sleuths Bookstore
7419 Madison Street
Forest Park, IL 60130

In nearly two hundred years of Chicago life, so much has been done—and undone. Even in our own lifetimes, we’ve seen iconic buildings razed, cherished institutions rebranded, beloved neighborhoods completely overhauled, famous and infamous events fade, major historic accomplishments obscured, and adored citizens die. A city, especially one the size and scope of Chicago, never stays put.

This ever-evolving cityscape leaves scars and memories, and nostalgia peeks around ever corner, if only we can remember.

Almost simultaneous with Chicago hanging out its shingle as a going concern, mystery writers have used these people, places, and events to tell stories. In the process, these authors have created, through fiction, a photo album more accurate and complete than most historical  accounts, or at least more colorful and alive. Visiting the pages of these Chicago mysteries allows us a glimpse at the old Riverview Park before it became a for-profit college and strip mall. It takes us inside the doors of Marshall Fields before Macy’s erased so much of what made it what it was. It places us in the heat of the Great Chicago Fire and the bustle of the Columbian Exposition. Reminds us of places like Selig Studios and people like Bertha Palmer. It lets us stroll through the bustle of Maxwell Street before the University of Illinois-Chicago turned it into parking lots and sports fields. It reincarnates the first Mayor Daley and the Everleigh Sisters.

Detecting Chicago provides a stroll through Chicago through the lens of Chicago’s mystery novels, stopping along the way to notice and remember what was, and compare it to what is, the way you stare at a Starbuck’s trying to place what used to occupy that corner storefront.

The opening reception will feature a lineup of writers, which we'll announce later in the spring. Food and drink will be available.

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